React in ServiceNow applications (advanced)

React in ServiceNow — Advanced Approach

1. ServiceNow Infrastructure

GET resource for serving Javascript and CSS files
GET resource for serving PNG, Jpeg and GIF files

2. React Boilerplate

Making it work all together

1. Install react app container (ServiceNow scoped application)

2. Install react boiler plate

3. Update configuration settings (optional)

4. Build deployment package

5. Deploy to ServiceNow

  • Simply copy html code from ./dist/index.html into UI page. HTML code already includes all necessary ServiceNow-code injections for:
  • Attach (drag-n-drop) the files from ./dist/api/... folders to the corresponding GET resources. Your JS resource should look like this (see attached files on a form):




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Andrew Pishchulin

Andrew Pishchulin

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