Now Experience UI Framework: landscape of the future

1. Now Experience Framework — where to start?

Now Experience Framework is a set of tools, concepts, and architecture principles that developers are going to use for building custom ServiceNow applications. It is important that everyone understands what the framework is and how to navigate it.

2. Application Development — basic concepts

To start building applications with UI Builder you would need to understand the basic structure of the application:

  1. App shell — this record defines an application environment. This is the place where you declare basic look&feel and functionality of your app in terms of the header, footer, main content area, left-navigation etc. There are several out-of-the-box app shells available for developers, so you don’t need to create it from scratch.
  2. Experience — this is where you configure the corresponding app shell and define global application properties.
  3. App Config — app config is a bundle of all application pages. This is the primary place where your application UI/UX is located. And this is where you will be working most of the time with UI builder.

3. Development in UI Builder — what you need to know

The development process in UI Builder is pretty simple and straightforward — you just drag&drop components, configure properties, define layouts etc. However, you have to understand the principles of how the framework works, building blocks, and how to connect everything:

5. Core Data Management Components

There is a number of out-of-the-box components created by ServiceNow that establish a foundation for most of the custom apps built with UI builder.

6. Application Development — summary

Here is a complete view on a low code branch of Now Experience framework — it may give you an idea what knowledge domain areas to explore and how they are connected to each other:

7. Component development — pushing limits of ServiceNow

“Component development” is a part of the Now Experience Framework where you can create with no limits. Components are small parts of your application, so here you are not going to create an application itself, rather you will be creating “building blocks” for your applications:

What’s next?

This is just a quick high-level look at the Now Experience Framework landscape and two different branches developers can explore and pursue:



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