In-app alerts and notifications in ServiceNow

In the previous post, I demonstrated how can add important and valuable interactivity to your business applications. Today I’ll show you how to integrate that with ServiceNow.

Most of ServiceNow apps do not have the ability to interactively reach out to online users when something happens. Real-time notifications and alerts like this can be very hard to implement:

Today we can do that in 2 minutes and support up to 10K online users out of the box.

Here you can download a simple update set that includes just three items:

  1. Listener, which connects to a message broker server and listens for incoming messages. It is implemented as a very small react application that stored in a style sheet record.
  2. UI script that injects the listener into a web browser global scope. In this script we specify a broker server URL— . It is a public hub for demo & testing purposes:

3. Business rule example — it sends an alert to the user when an incident assigned:

Once you download and install the update set — it’s done. You’re up and running and listening for messages.

Open another browser tab and impersonate any of itil users. Assign an incident to that user and he/she should immediately receive an in-app alert that the incident assigned:

Icon, intent(color), position, timeout and the message itself can be easily customized — just check the business rule example.

Keep in mind, is a public hub for demo and testing purposes, so there is no security layer on purpose.