High-performance messaging service for PaaS and web applications

  1. It works with any PaaS (ServiceNow, Salesforce, Appian etc.) and web applications
  2. 10K online concurrent users and thousands of messages supported out of the box
  3. Integration can be complete in 2 minutes

How it works

buzzPost is a messaging hub that routes real-time messages within one or across multiple systems and applications.

Integration (2 minutes)

It is literally that simple.

Step #1 — subscribe to a channel

Clients (web browsers) can subscribe using standard browser EventSource API. You just need to provide a broker server name (e.g. hub11.dev-labs.io) and a comma separate list of channels to subscribe.

Step #2 — send messages

The cool thing: messages can be sent from anywhere. It might be PaaS, another web app or any other third-party system.


There are multiple authentication options supported:

  • API keys — out-of-the-box option, secures subscribe/post communications.
  • CORS rules
  • on-prem installation
  • private VPC
  • etc.



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